3 Types of Native American Bracelets For Women

Native American Bracelets

Every single piece of the Native American Bracelets is unique and hand made. The Native American jewelries are exclusively made by the means of the semi precious stones and the silver gems.

Talking about Native American bracelets, they are typical bracelets worn by the Zuni, Navajo and Hopi people in the southwest portion of America.These bracelets are considered precious because of the high quality stones and the turquoise used in them. The innovative and classy design of these bracelets will surely attract. You can make your hands look envious by the means of the Native American bracelets. The creative designs of these bracelets from the three popular tribes in the southwest America make it a desirable accessory for tradition lovers. The brief description of the bracelets from all the three tribes is as follows-

1. Navajo Bracelets

This tribe made use of turquoise in the bracelets and utilized the art of silversmithing for preparing the bracelets. These bracelets look simple with the ridged cuffs or cuffs of wire twisted to form a shape. The designs of these bracelets are imprinted on the silver product and that is why it looks unique like no other bracelet in the market. Tufa casting and sand casting are other two techniques that are utilized for manufacturing of the bracelets by Navajo tribe in the southwest America. In these techniques,the bracelet design is carved by the means of designing on tufa or on the sandstone.
Native American Bracelets

2. Zuni Bracelets

Bracelets by the Zuni tribe are also counted as one of the most popular bracelets by the native Americans. These bracelets are desirable because of the alluring inlay work on them. You can find several beautiful stones in these bracelets that make it a unique and beautiful jewelry for women. It is difficult to find numerous colorful stones in one bracelet and that is what makes zuni bracelets unique and beautiful. You can find several pearl as well as oval shaped stones in the zuni bracelets that can make your hands look as beautiful as never before. The small and navette shaped stones makes these bracelets a must try for all ladies.
Native American Bracelets

3. Hopi Bracelets

Hopi Overlay Bracelets are made in layers so as to reflect a unique and appealing look. Several experiments are made on the designing of these bracelets in the present times such as you can find gold application on the silver used in these bracelets.
Native American Bracelets


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  1. I really like the intricate designs of the Hopi bracelets. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I want to get her something silver with an interesting design. Thanks for all the great bracelet ideas.

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